Gary Harold

Business Development Manager – ALSTOM Grid Robert provided a service to me and to other engineers that enabled our group to use professional media and communication processes to establish and further ourselves in our fields, even at a time of economic opportunity. Robert did so with great attention, professionalism and he demonstrated real ownership when managing the project. I would highly recommend Robert for the energy, realism and professionalism and he will bring to any process.

Colin Rigney P.Eng.

Project Manager at Clark Builders Robert chaired and ran weekly seminars in Engineers Ireland, primarily focusing on the use of social media and LinkedIn to expand ones knowledge and contact base. I found the seminars to be extremely useful and they were a complete eye opener to me in terms of the benefits and depths of the use of social media as a professional networking tool. Robert adopted a professional, open approach and always seemed to have time to personally get around to everyone in the group and give a little extra advice.

Niall Whelan

Change Consultant (M.Sc. MIEI) Robert is a thorough professional in all that he applies his experience, knowledge base, and skills to. He is a very affable person and easy to collaborate with. At this current juncture in his career, his strategic focus is in the arena of Social Media, and I would highly recommend his services to any individual, or business, who wish to optimize their online brand in pursuit of excellence.

Declan Lowney

Plant Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Swords Laboratories, Ireland Robert, through his social media company. Alwayson.ie, ran a weekly workshop at Engineers Ireland, which focused on the use & importance of social media in job seeking. As an attendee, I found the course very valuable. 1) Robert has excellent presentation skills, an engaging style and uses very good presentation materials 2) He is a subject matter expert in all aspects of social media and took participants through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and showed how they can be constructively used to maximum effect for job seeking. 3) He is also focused on results outcomes. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to individuals or businesses who need help in developing their marketing skills through the use of social media.

Aaron Downes

Sales Leader, hiring and developing top talent at LinkedIn

When Robert first joined a Worksearch meeting it was easy to tell he not only knew his way around the tech sector but he also had a firm grasp on the new way of thinking about Worksearch. Robert’s insight and his natural way with people made him an instant leader in the group. Within weeks he was facilitating meetings and working one on one with other members. He has always been a driving force behind the Worksearch movement and continues to be a contributor to this day. A genuine all round good guy!


Pat O’Leary BE, MBS (OSH)

Environmental, Health & Safety Engineer in the Irish Public Service

Robert’s technical know-how and insights into emerging trends in marketing and networking were invaluable to me and vital to becoming able to re-brand what I do and launch out in a fresh, new direction. But even more than that, his encouragement, personal engagement with people, consistency and tenacity were motivational and enabling.


Will Rothwell

Infrastructure Project Manager at Accenture

Robert is a highly qualified and professional IT consultant who brings his considerable experience to every project he is involved with. He is also an excellent trainer and mentor to his peers or in a class room setting.


David Dunne

Construction Project Manager

Robert provided me with coaching in the field of social media increasing my visibility online in the process. With an emphasis on the use of LinkedIn and Twitter, Robert’s advice and direction were key to helping me achieve my career goals. I would recommend Robert to any individual or business seeking to develop their online presence through social media.